hydraulic, electric
ball screw
Other characteristics
compact, lightweight, large

500 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm (19.685 in)


Max.: 32,000 kgf

Min.: 6,000 kgf


Max.: 1,109 Nm (817.956

Min.: 124 Nm (91.458


Max.: 52 mm/s

Min.: 6.5 mm/s


The smaller, lighter U Series Power Cylinder with more than 6 tons rated thrust.
Power cylinder that succeeds in providing a smaller, lighter unit with better cost performance while maintaining the same performance of the previous model (T series).

・Lightweight and compact

Thanks to newly developed special ball screws and bearings, we succeeded in reducing the total length by a max. of 10% and the mass 35% compared with the previous model (T series). The smaller size and lighter weight makes it easy to replace hydraulic cylinders.

・Complete line-up available

We added a new model with 50 tons rated thrust, which makes it easy to replace large hydraulic cylinders with a 250 mm inner diameter.

・Improved cost performance

In addition to achieving cost reductions compared to previous models thanks to smaller and lighter parts, the power cylinder is electrical so it has much better power savings than hydraulic types, greatly reducing power consumption.

[Comparison of power consumption with hydraulic cylinders ]

Annual power consumption comparison per unit (kWh/year )