with piston rod, cylinder, ball screw, with servo-motor
stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloy, cast iron
Protection class
IP65, IP55
chemistry, industrial, for lifting applications, food, for robots, linear for mechanical testing, turbine, for lifting platforms, for mobile applications, for punching tools, control, for lifting, guide, for construction equipment, for presses, for welding applications, security, for process automation, for OEM, for photovoltaic applications, for demanding applications, for materials handling, for machine tools, for the oil and gas industry, for die-casting applications, propeller, for vehicles, for harsh environments, high-temperature, steering, for forklift trucks, for agricultural machinery, for counterweight, for washdown applications, for explosive atmospheres, for ventilation systems

Max.: 20,000 mm (787.402 in)

Min.: 40 mm (1.575 in)


Max.: 60 kN

Min.: 0.3 kN


Max.: 265.39 Nm (195.742

Min.: 0.14 Nm (0.103


Max.: 1,000 m/s (3,280.84 ft/s)

Min.: 100 m/s (328.08 ft/s)

Max acceleration

1 m/s², 3 m/s², 6 m/s², 8 m/s², 10 m/s² (3.28 ft/s²)


0.03 mm (0 in)


High precision motion, the smooth movement, low noise, high speed
Lim-Tec DMB Series Servo Electric Cylinder with advanced servo cylinder structure design and imported parts assembly, ensure that Lim-Tec servo electric cylinder in the domestic leading linear motion.Rolled ball screw ensure servo cylinder overall accuracy of 0.05 mm; Maximum rated load of 5 tons; Speed of 1 m/s, 100% can work continuously; Precision thrust control accuracy is 5%, the closed-loop control accuracy is 1%;
It can work in a harsh environment without failure for a long time, and achieve high intensity, high speed, high precision motion, smooth movement, low noise, and a special anti-rotation function to ensure high precision position control and high safety of the device;
Complete accessories: dust cover, anti-rotate device, safety nut, ball screw, limit switch, overload clutch, potentiometer, encoder, brake, hand wheel, installation accessories, etc.
Servo electric cylinder can replace hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder completely with the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and easily connected to PLC control system to achieve high precision motion control. Servo electric cylinder can achieve protection grade IP55, IP56, so it can be widely used in various conditions such as papermaking industry, chemical industry, welding industry