piston, double-rod, telescopic, with servo-motor, roller screw linear
stainless steel
food, chemistry
Other characteristics
custom, long-stroke, high load capacity, high-force

Max.: 3,100 mm (122.047 in)

Min.: 300 mm (11.811 in)


70 kN, 110 kN, 160 kN

Motor power

30 kW (41 hp)


Ewellix’s solid and comprehensive product knowledge combined with their engineering expertise is transforming customer needs into tailor-made solutions.
Focusing on client-specific requests our engineers support customers in developing and putting in place cost-effective solutions for niche markets and high volume applications.
Our strong understanding of linear and actuation technologies enables us to create new solutions which are based on proven processes and several basic elements.

CASM with spring around the push tube
Ewellix has equipped the thrust tube with a rotating spring to relieve the load on the motor and spindle inside the cylinder. This spring carries a large part of the constant load. The motor and spindle are primarily used to accelerate and decelerate the moving load. This increases the service life of the cylinder and enables the use of a smaller motor.

CASM made of stainless steel
Ewellix has developed a CASM special version made of stainless steel suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs in accordance with EHEDG guidelines (Doc. 8). This cylinder has a rounded and smooth surface preventing food residues and bacteria from accumulating. It is made of stainless steel, resistant to the usual chemicals and solvents used in the food industry and can be cleaned at high pressure.

Electric cylinder for height adjustment on working platform
The task was to provide an electromechanical solution with a stroke of 300 mm, a maximum load capacity of 70 kN and a maximum weight of 50 kg. The solution we came up with was an actuator with a roller screw drive, planetary gear and a highly compact servo motor.