with threaded rods
aluminum, stainless steel


This unit comes with cylinder heads, and a high tensile strength aluminum alloy is held in place by a feeding ring wire. The simple design ensures elimination of the excessive cylinder weight and bulk. With a finish of 16 micro inches or greater, there is smooth low friction operation. The standard 303 stainless steel comes with 1-1/8-inch bore cylinders. The adjustable cushions provides superior control for cylinder deceleration. This unit comes with complete adjustability with the exception of 1-1/8-inch bore. Self lubricating high grade bronze rod bearing reduces the friction and provides smooth operation. The piston seal selection guarantees job matching performance. The Barrel I.D. is hard coated aluminum along with Rockwell C60 hardness, and the Piston rod is grounded the polished. The hard chrome plated steel provides maximum packing life and minimum friction, with the optional 303 stainless steel excellent protection is guaranteed for wash down applications and corrosion resistance.