piston, magnetic piston, with threaded rods, tie-rod, cylinder, multi-piston
double-acting, single-acting
steel, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, light alloy
ISO, ISO 6431, ISO 15552
Protection class
dust-proof, robust
for lifting applications, for materials handling, for robots, for vehicles, high-temperature, for welding applications, for harsh environments, for process automation, for agricultural machinery, for explosive atmospheres, for lifting, chemistry, food, industrial, for OEM, for the automotive industry
Other characteristics
explosion-proof, tandem, multi-purpose, with sensor option, step, with shock absorber, tie-rod, with external guide, medium-pressure, rod lock, ATEX, with adjustable cushions, heat-resistant, high-performance, with protective bellows, double, position-sensing, custom, multi-position, corrosion-resistant, with mechanical interlock system, with flange, three-position, low-pressure, with internal stroke limiter, high-speed, high load capacity, externally-guided, with integrated position sensor, interchangeable square head, long-stroke, low-friction, repairable, low-temperature, with integrated solenoid valve

Min.: 25 mm (0.984 in)

Max.: 2,700 mm (106.299 in)


Min.: 8 daN

Max.: 785.4 daN


NEW ISO 15552 Cylinders – CF Series

– Linear, streamlined and elegant design
– Piston entirely in aluminum with special anti-wear guide band
– Specially designed bronze guide bushing
– MFS System
– Wide selection of rod gaskets
– Standard or tie-rod version
– Available in ATEX version

The new ISO 15552 cylinders of the Airwork CF series represent the new generation of ISO pneumatic cylinders that, thanks to the use of innovative materials and a state-of-the-art construction philosophy, place these cylinders at the top of the category.
Lightness, robustness and precision are the main features of this new Airwork product.

The CF series is produced with bore lengths between 32 mm and 100 mm.

» The new shape of the heads gives the cylinder a linear, streamlined and elegant design

» The piston is made entirely of aluminum with a special anti-wear guide band to make it indestructible, precise and performing even after years of intensive use and with strong temperature variations

» The guide bush of the rod made of a particular bronze is specially designed for linear sliding with large loads

» It is the first Airwork cylinder equipped with MFS (Multi Function System), with 3 immediate advantages: reduction of piston impact noise, perfect shirt centring, perfect sealing between head and profile