Other characteristics


This electric linear actuator was designed especially for adjustment systems in pedestal recliners.

The LA10 is compact and discreet, fitting in perfectly where space is limited. The serial-connection setup makes traditional control boxes redundant and helps minimise the number of cables in the system overall. This helps neutralise common root causes of quality issues.

Serial connection enables the LA10 actuators to ‘share intelligence’. This means that the order/sequence of daisy-chained actuators is irrelevant. The second they are connected they know their position in the chain. Only one cable connects these actuators to each other, conveying power as well as data needed to run the system. With this ‘power line communication’ it is also irrelevant to which actuator you choose to plug in the BLE2DC plug needed to create wireless connection to your control unit.

Finally, the linear actuator LA10 comes with its own configurator solution. This expands flexibility and allows you to reconfigure the actuator yourself when your furniture design changes, and thereby save time to market.