stainless steel, anodized aluminum
for medical applications, for the automotive industry, control
Other characteristics
compact, extra-rigid, high-pressure, O-ring seal

Max.: 12 in

Min.: 1 in


Add the Control, Rigidity and Power of Hydraulics to an Air-Powered Machine
When your air-powered machine requires the rigidity and smooth control of hydraulics, Multi-Power Boosters are an optimal choice. These convenient, compact and low-cost units use shop air to raise the pressure of another gas or liquid in a variety of applications. When relatively small volumes of high-pressure fluid are needed intermittently, boosters excel versus continuously running hydraulic systems. They’re also ideal when high pressure must be maintained for prolonged times. After the booster strokes, there is no further energy input required and no heat buildup.

Boosters operate with up to 150 psi shop air or other compatible gas, and the output can be oil, liquid, air or gas. Using multiple pistons to compress the media in the output end, the booster raises the output pressure to 500 psi max. With the right combination of bore size, stroke, power factor and regulating input air pressure, you can achieve and maintain precise output pressure and volume.

Multi-Power Boosters are available in two versions:

Series BA. This series is suitable for systems in which the input to the boosters will be gravity-fed fluid or atmospheric pressure gas. The booster requires a four-way valve for operation.

Series BP. This series can be used on systems in which the input to the booster will be pressurized fluid or gas. The unit requires a three-way air valve for operation.