worm gear


Motor drive for through going spindle 4779

Powerful 24 V DC motor with worm gear, designed for an axis parallel
through going spindle. Ideal for integration in a lift column.
The drive is only suitable for axial pressure load.
A cable with standard connector and integrated Hall sensor technology
permit simple and secure control of the entire system.

Special features
Two integrated Hall sensors for measurement of the revolutions and direction of rotation
Different type of internal thread for through going spindles
Good self-locking properties
Fast and powerful
Order spindle separately

Variant key

The variants are formed by different internal thread types for connecting the spindles.

Technical notes
Spindle not included; must be ordered separately.
Attention: The drive is only suitable for axial pressure load. Note correct installation position (see installation example).
The drive must be protected against lateral forces by a guide system.
The drive working range (nominal torque) is determined for a service life of 10,000 double strokes.
By using a controller with a short-circuit brake the holding torque position of the drive can be increased.
The controller* regulates the system in such a way that the travel speed in the entire drive working range is kept as constant as possible.

* In combination with LogicData control box Compact-3