ball screw, worm gear
stainless steel, aluminum, alloy
DC, AC, synchronous
24 V, 12 V, 36 V, 48 V, 230 V
Protection class
IP65, IP54, IP66, IP55, IP56, maintenance-free
test, industrial, for medical applications, for ventilation systems, for washdown applications, for ultrasonic welding machines, damper, for furniture, for mobile applications, for presses, antenna, for the semiconductor industry, for fire and smoke protection, storage, for the automotive industry, window, linear for mechanical testing, for demanding applications, for harsh environments, for robots, for clean rooms, for photovoltaic louver adjustment, for hospital beds, for throttle valve, for OEM, guide, for process automation, food, for materials handling, for solar panels, for construction equipment, for lifting, for bed adjustment, for the electronics industry, brake, for vehicles, for solar trackers, for agricultural machinery, for explosive atmospheres, for the furniture industry
Other characteristics
precision, high-performance, for heavy loads, long-stroke, high load capacity, mechanical, flange, self-locking, preloaded

Max.: 2,000 mm (78.74 in)

Min.: 40 mm (1.575 in)


Max.: 200,000 N

Min.: 900 N


Max.: 80 mm/s

Min.: 7.5 mm/s


Contains long-life grease, maintenance-free
High strength/high wear-resisting material selection, high-precision parts processing, advanced design shell concept , high bearing capacity, impact resistance, low noise, long life of high quality products, to be able to work in bad industrial environment. Acme Screw Linear Actuator LAP Series (duty cycle 30%) and ball screw Linear Actuator LBP series (100% duty cycle ) Linear Actuator is driven by 12/24/36/48 v dc motor, 220/380 v single-phase/three-phase ac motor, stepping motor, servo motor, explosion-proof motor, gear motor, etc.

Linear actuator driven by 12/24 v dc motor, 220/380 v single/three-phase ac motor, stepping motor, servo motor, explosion-proof motor, gear motor, etc.
According to the self-locking coefficient, define the self-locking performance, can realize the absolute synchronization linear actuator , with encoder can realize more precision positioning (position accuracy 0.1 mm), the accessories is numerous, can be suitable for all kinds of special occasions.
Working environment temperature 5 ℃ to 40 ℃, if you need -40 ℃ to + 70 ℃, consulting local office.
Protection grade: IP54, IP55, (IP56, IP65, IP66), insulation class: F (H)
long-life grease, maintenance-free.